Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's been a while since I posted anything here. Thought I'd start it up again since I recently restarted woodworking and specifically woodturning.
Here are a few pictures of my latest project a Toothpick holder which was a welcome gift. It holds a dozen toothpicks (purely coïncidental, I hadn't thought about the number of toothpicks)

I was looking for a way to sign or mark my work without it being to visible. The second condition was that the signature should be repeatable.So I quickly landed on branding or pyrography.
A few years ago I bought a wax stamp and since that's metal I could heat that up and use it to burn a letter R. since I made several pens and it's pretty imposible to burn that R into a pen.
I also wanted to show a piece of the wood the project is made of.
And so I started making labels made from the same wood as the project and burnt with the logo.

Here are the pictures: