Sunday, June 28, 2009

HHS 1 ... rygel the 16th

as I mentioned a few times before, I usually have way too many ideas in my head to concentrate on the sculpt I'm working on at that time. So I decided to do some quick sketches of about half an hour in waterbased clay to get the ideas out of my head.

and here's the first one, dominar rygel the 16th from the tv show farscape:

the monster sculpt... start of the wings

I just found some more photographs of the start of the wings and the older look.

rabbit lamp

This was made as a present for my newborn niece. I don't have picture of the final work yet, but the rabbit itself was complete. The last pictures are of the assembled and painted rabbit/base, with different legs.
Enjoy the pic's:

Saturday, June 27, 2009

chess board and set

I started playing a lot more chess in last year or so but what's fun about a generic chess set to stare at? So I decided to make my own. here's my progress so far:

alien king... the bust

And thus it came to pass that a bust was created.

enjoy the pic's :

alien king.. all sticky and stuff

Being the bottomless vessels of ideas that I am, I molded the head before starting on the bust and when I saw the two halves it gave me the idea to cast only one half of the mold. That would leave me with half a head (split vertically) and I could cut a few holes in the back stick some magnets in there and voila refrigerator magnets.

The black spot is covering the brand of my refrigerator, no free advertising here 3+)).

enjoy the pic's...