Saturday, June 27, 2009

second doodle, midnight flood of inspiration

As I mentioned before I always have a milion ideas floating around in that head of mine (not all creative ideas are for sculpting, but you'll see that in another post). So this next doodle was created around midnight when I was watching some movie about knights.
It's sort of a semi-real, semi-comic type of thing which was a direct result of me being to lazy to make the edges of the helmet nice and straight. I also have some painted pic's but I don't really like how that turned out. It turns out I'm even worse at painting than I am at drawing (and sculpting). anyway here are the pic's, enjoy...

shield your eyes, here are some painted pic's..... oh the horror!

P.S. I realize that the backdrop for all the professionaly taken photographs is different for every shot. But don't you worry one of those milion ideas roaming beneath my scalp is to make a nice light tent for a more steady background and lighting. One of these days...

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