Saturday, June 27, 2009

the monster sculpt... my prrrecioussss

Ok it's time to reveal my pride and shame when it comes to sculpting. I started this one as an ongoing project right after my first sculpt (which I named hightower). I wanted to make a bigger, more impressive sculpt but soon after starting it I realised that I just didn't have the skills (yet) to make it. So it was put on a backburner and every now and again I returned to it, usually going in a completly different direction with it.

So here are some shots of the beast, which actually started as a fell beast from lord of the rings.

notice the ruler on the right which is 20 centimeters

after covering the body with clay I realized it wasn't going to fit in my oven to bake it and I didn't have my trusty heat gun yet, so I decided to cut some stuff off muahahhaa.

here's some shots of head #2 for those of you that are keeping count. The idea was of a scaly neck, some armour on the head and two extremely long (japanese dragon style) tendrils flowing from the neck. when I posted these pic's on a sculpting forum one of the members pointed out that with the scales all the way around the neck as they are now, the thing just wouldn't be able to eat or breathe. So another one was boxed (lucky it was already cut off ;) ).

this is where I started to drift away from the whole fellbeast thing and went of to create something... undefined [cue spooky music].

and some more snapshots of bits and pieces in various states of completion. Did I mention I'm not that organized? 3+))

small tip: if you're going to make hudge motherf**king wings like these (about 30cm each), don't use just a thin wire and some epoxy putty, they will be to heavy and start to crack when baked. So my next challenge is casting these babies up in some tougher material.

I guess I'll keep this post 'short' and continue with the current progress in another one.
stay tuned for scenes of the next episode of... sorry, always wanted to say that 3+))

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